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Our Story

Cake Bake Shoppe is locally owned and operated since November of 2013.
We have been recognized by a number of prestigious awards including Top Choice and Three Best Rated as well as being featured in local publications such as Confetti Magazine and Avenue Magazine.
How do we compare to other cupcake and cake bakeries you ask?
Our buttercream recipe is made with real butter and made to taste creamy and a little less sweet. Our cupcakes bake with a unique crunchy crust similar to what you would find on a perfectly baked muffin. We use the same recipe for our cakes and cupcakes, so that you can expect the same great taste in all of our products. We are also very proud to be peanut and nut free!
We care about each and every one of our customers as if they are a part of our family.
We value your business, your referrals and your feedback.
Cake Bake Shoppe is committed to being the best in every way we can.

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