Frequently asked questions

How fresh are your cupcakes?

We bake our cupcakes fresh every morning from Tuesday - Sunday. We never sell day old cupcakes. We make our best effort to guess how many cupcakes we need each day but sometimes we sell out before closing. We strongly recommend pre ordering to avoid disappointment.

How much notice do you need to order?

To order cupcakes we just need to know the day before you want to pick up. Our classic cakes can be ordered with a minimum of 24 hours notice. Our custom cakes and cupcakes require at least 2 weeks notice.

Are you peanut and nut free?

Yes! We are committed to keeping our kitchen peanut and nut free. We do not use peanuts or nuts in any of our recipes. We are also diligent in checking food labels to ensure that the ingredients we do use, have not come in contact with peanuts or nuts. Please note, that if the label does not specify "may have come in contact with peanuts/nuts", we assume it is safe for our kitchen.

Why do you call your gluten free cupcakes "gluten wise"?

While we try our best to avoid cross contamination by using separate dishes and pans, as well as sanitizing products, we are unable to guarantee that our product is 100% free of any traces of gluten.

What do you use in your gluten wise recipe?

We use an organic, all purpose blend consisting of rice flour, tapioca starch, and quinoa flour.

Do you use natural food colouring?

We do have some flavours which are naturally coloured such as our chocolate lover or very berry buttercream, but for others, we do use Americolor food gel.

Can you adjust recipes to have less sugar?

No. Each recipe is like a scientific formula and adding or removing some things can wreak havoc on the finished product. For this reason, we do not alter our recipes.

Do you offer egg free, dairy free, or vegan options?

Our chocolate cake recipe is egg and dairy free. We do use buttercream for our cakes and cupcakes, which does contain dairy. You can request to have your cupcakes made with a fondant topper instead of the buttercream which would make it dairy free. Dairy free cupcakes must be pre-ordered a minimum of one day in advance.



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